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Mini Dental Implants

What are Mini Dental Implant?

Mini dental implants have the same structure as regular implants, but they're smaller. Unlike conventional implants, they're comprised of a one-piece screw that's less than 3mm in diameter and includes a ball-shaped end that protrudes from the jawbone. Mini Dental Implants are just as effective as regular dental implants, but because they are smalelr, they come with added benefits, including the fact that there is much less procedures involved to place them

Why Mini Dental Implants?

The use of mini dental implants is implied in cases where conventional implants cannot be placed. They are a very easy, common, and painless procedure that costs 1/3 of a regular implant. Mini dental implants have no surgery involved, are significantly less invasive, and most of the procedure is done in one simple 30 minute visit. They help preserve your bone level and can even improve facial appearance. 

How long do Dental Implants last?
Implants generally last 10-20 years, depending on the location of the implant and patient compliance with oral hygiene and dental visits. Because molars receive more stress and wear, these implants typically do not last as long as implants located at the front of the mouth.

How do I get started?
The 1st step is too schedule a free consulation with Dr. Natanov to determine with dental implants are the perfect solution for you. After a detailed examination of your bone and tissue, our team will discuss using a regular or mini-dental implant to treat your specific wants and needs. Once we determine what would be the best treatment for you, Dr. Natanov will plan out the entire procedure using cutting-edge dental digital technology. Depending on the type of implant used, you will be able to go back to enjoying your daily life within an hour. Eat, talk, and smile with confidence again!

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