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Referring Doctors

Welcome to Albert Dental!
Please fill out this Referral Form and bring it in for your appointment. We can't wait to see you!

What to Expect 

Your appointment will consist of a Consultation with Dr. Natanov to help explain your diagnosis and possible treatment options. We are able to do most treatments the same day with the exception of a few more complicated treatment plans.

Important: If you have any medical conditions that may be of concern to your treatment or medications that must be taken prior to any treatment, please alert the Albert Dental staff prior to your appointment! 

This is to ensure that your appointment goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.

Please bring to your appointment:

   - Referral from your dentist or any paperwork that was given to your regarding your appointment

   - Dental Insurance Card

   - Photo ID or Driver's License

   - Your desired form of payment (payment is due at the time of service)


If your previous dentist has taken any recent X-Rays (within the last 3/4 months), you may request that they send them to our dental practice.