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Dr. Albert Natanov is a Certified Invisalign Dentist in Overland Park, Kansas.

Invisalign is very easy, simple 

and painless Dental treatment in our Albert Dental Office.

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Dr. Albert Natanov is a certified Mini Dental Implant dentist in Overland Park,Kansas 

  •  Very easy, 30 minutes procedure .
  • Third the Cost of Traditional Implants.
  • Help you eat what you want.
  • Preserve Bone Level
  • Less invasive

Facts about your Dental Insurance

  •  Your dental insurance is based upon a contract made between your employer and an insurance company.
  •  Dental insurance benefits differ greatly from medical health insurance benefits. Usually Dental insurance is only an aid.
  •  Insurance companies do NOT cover many routine dental services. 
  •  The amount a plan pays is determined by how much the employer paid for your dental plan. You get back only what your employer put in, less the profits of the insurance company.





Satisfied Clients

Dr. Albert Natanov and Luba thank you so much for helping me. You are the best dentist I ever had. You are like my angel. I have no words to express my appreciation. My teeth look so good. I am telling all my friends about you. God bless your family.

                                   Thanks again.    Mr.  Idel


I was amazed at what they were able to do in just one or two visits. 





Dr. Albert Natanov thanks so much. You are a miracle worker.  .



Great Doctor

Dr. Natanov.

Just a little love to let you know I appreciate The Great Doctor you are.


Love my teeth.

Dear Dr. Natanov, I really appreciate all your hard work. You and your staff  have been wonderful to work with. I love my teeth, I really love them. You did an excellent job.

Thank you, Mary


Albert Natanov and Staff

Click here    Dear Albert and Staff,

I want to thank you and your team for the great experience that Valyssa had at your office.

This means a lot because she will not be afraid to go to the Dentist.

Thank you,         

                           Marco and Vanessa  Mc Elwee & Family

Friendly, professional, genuine, honest and a super clean establishment !
Dr Natanov shows a great deal of professionalism, but along with that, it's very clear
that he's a Doctor with a great attitude of " the patient comes first " !
               I also admire the fact that, he allows his patients to ask questions,
 think for themselves, but more importantly, he honestly answers your questions
and lets the final decission be up to the patient as to what he or she wants done,
 rather than the old " i'm the doctor, do as i say " method.
               I highly recommend Dr Albert Natanov ! Ms K Conley


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Great Dentist

Thanks for being a great Dentist   


 Teressa Watts

I'd sought out Albert's Dental services directly from another dental appointment in which I'd been denied service for a dry socket because I am a smoker. My previous dentist had also outright ignored a tooth I believed I was infected. I cannot express in words how satisfied I am with Albert and his office. I wrote about the experience in my blog and will copy/paste that here.

"It wasn't particula
rly comfortable (physically) explaining the situation, but I did. I said that I was a smoker, had been refused treatment due to that, was worried about infection from both the extraction site and another tooth, and asked if they could help me.

The receptionist was quick to say yes. She was also quick to express horror that the previous dentist would put my health at risk simply because I smoked.

"That's outrageous," she said. "You should NEVER risk further harming a patient because you don't want them to smoke."

I agreed and asked when they could see me. She told me she could get me in to see Albert right away. A dry socket is nothing to mess with, she said. 

I started crying again. Right there, on the phone. I didn't even care about the looks I was getting at that point. I have never been SO RELIEVED in my ENTIRE LIFE. Never. So between sniffles I thanked her profusely, said I would be there within the hour. I think I even said "I don't even know you but I think I love you. THANK YOU!"

And they did get me in right away. I hadn't been sitting in the lobby for more than five minutes before I was ushered into a patient chair and speaking with the dental assistants. All of whom were just as horrified as the receptionist.

Albert. Listened. To. Me. He was not only offended on my behalf of the previous treatment I'd received, but listened to me. He gave me adequate time to explain my concerns and daily habits that would either help or hinder my recovery. He did not cut in, interject, wave aside, frown, or do anything at all that said he was not interested in hearing what I had to say.

And when he did talk, he was kind. He was gentle. He was patient. He did not talk down to me. He explained - in detail - the process of treating a dry socket. He said he would look at the other tooth and we could treat that if I'd like.

I cannot express how much of a difference it made to be in a room with a doctor who LISTENED to me. You see, I don't go to doctors. Not because I don't like them or because I'm afraid of them (seriously, it's like paying a bill. I don't want to but it doesn't bother me), but because I don't have health insurance.

So I haven't been to the doctor but maybe four times in the last 15 years. So this experience was not only informative of how a good doctor should be, but how much more comfortable I am in receiving medical care.

Not only was the dry socket already infected, but the tooth behind it was infected. That means ready to spill a pus-laden ball of gooey infection into my jawbone. So I had TWO infections in my mouth. Two. Only one of which, btw, (the dry socket) had anything to do with my smoking.

I had been absolutely right in seeking out a second opinion. Had I simply accepted the first dentist's diagnosis of "Well, I smoke, so I guess I deserve this", there's a strong possibility I'd be losing ALL of my teeth and a significant portion of my jaw.

This is not a moral issue. This is not an issue of a doctor saying "Well, I told you not to smoke, sooo *shrug*". Regardless of how these complications occurred, my further health was greatly compromised if nothing had been done.

It was all MUCH cheaper than I'd anticipated. The dental school had cost me 100 dollars. Being this is a private practice, and I have no health insurance, I was sure this would eat up most of the 1,200 I'd saved up for rent. But by the time the dentist's office and medications were totalled up, it only ran me about 450 dollars.

The extraction process was insanely easy. I cannot explain how gentle he was. Even when a piece of the tooth had slivered off and required extra work, it was like he was more massaging the tooth rather than yanking. Compared to Albert, the kid who pulled my previous tooth was a freaking butcher.

We of course discussed my smoking. His manner had been so wonderful that I was open to the possibility of suggestion. What could I do to help not smoke for two days? He suggested a nicotine patch. Brilliant! Why hadn't I thought of that? I laughed and said that was what I would do.

He also expressly stated that should I smoke, and should I develop a dry socket as a result, to absolutely not hesitate for even a moment to come in for treatment. He said not to be ashamed. "Your health is more important than anti-smoking messages," he said.

I think I have found a winner.

He wrote me a prescription for a small set of pain pills (which I will fill but am not too worried about), a medicated, sterile mouthwash, and antibiotics.

I got no such thing at the other dental school. No antibiotics. No mouthwash. Albert said that was shocking - for teeth that were infected at the time of extraction (which both of mine were) - it is standard to prescribe antibiotics.

I am so glad I found Albert. 

I have a check in a few days from now. I cannot....this has been SUCH a learning experience for me. And in the end - a happy one"

As a friend of mine said after I relayed this experience to her - TEAM ALBERT 4LYFE!!!!