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The Smile You've Always wanted.

Porcelain Veneers dentist Overland Park Kansas Dr. Albert Natanov

Dr. Albert Natanov, is a Kansas Cosmetic Dentist who can use porcelain dental veneers to make your smile Flawless.

In our Overland Park Dental Office we offer a No Charge veneers Consultation

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 If some one has small spacing between teeth, or maybe teeth not perfectly strait, and would like results in just 2 visits, you will qualify for dental veneers in our Overland Park Dentist office.


All of this can be done with an incredible cosmetic dentistry technique known as "instant orthodontics". It takes good skill and many years of advanced dental experience to create outstanding results, and Dr. Albert Natanov has both.

Porcelain veneers are very thin layers of very strong porcelain like a finger nail. Because porcelain veneers are so thin, very little tooth needs to be shaved, just for the thickness of the porcelain as compared with that of a crown. Porcelain veneers covers the front of your tooth and shaped to improve your smile to be the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

How Long does it take to improve my smile?

It takes only two simple visits to make your porcelain veneers and a beautiful new smile.
Dr. Natanov believes that porcelain veneers are one of the the most beautiful looking restorations in today dentistry.

It is very easy, simple and pain free dental procedure in our Albert Dental Overland Park Dental Office.