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Nobel Biocare Dental Implants Albert Dental

Dental Implants  

As you thinking about dental implants, it’s important to understand exactly what’s involved and how this simple procedure can truly change your life. 

Albert Dental team will explain the entire process and answer all your questions.  We will make sure you’re completely comfortable from the moment you arrive in our office

Single Tooth replacement with Dental implants, Albert Dental

Single tooth Dental Implant replacement options

The best single tooth replacement option is Dental implant

1-Dental implants look, feel, and work like natural teeth.

2- Prevent bone loss

3- Long term permanent option

4- You can brush, floss  dental implant like your other teeth

Multiple teeth replaecment with Dental implants Albert Dental

Missing several teeth tooth replacement option?

Albert Dental team will advice a multi-implant bridge , which is ideal for filling medium, and large-sized gaps in your smile. 

Implant porcelain white bridges are: 

1 Very strong

2 A permanent solution

3 Great at preserving your bone

4 A life-long natural teeth replacement solution